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Definitions and Usage

Agender, also known as genderless, genderblank, or genderfree, is a term that refers to individuals who do not identify with any particular gender. It can be defined as the absence of a gender identity, often described as a "lack of gender," or some agender individuals may identify as gender neutral.


The term "agender" first appeared in 2000 on an internet forum called UseNet, in a chat room discussion entitled alt.messianic, a user posted the following: "God is amorphous, agender, […] so image can't be a physical or gender or sexual thing."[1]

Related Terms

Umbrella Terms

Similar Terms

  • Bxy
  • Genderflux: the fluctuation of one's gender intensity, ranging from a state of being 'fully gendered' to agender.
  • Gendervoid: a void where a gender would typically be, or being unable to experience gender.
  • Gxrl
  • Neutrois: a nonbinary gender identity that is neutral or 'null.'
  • Nxnbinary


Agender flag by transrants.

The blacks and greys represent the void of being agender, while the green represents nonbinary genders.


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