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Definitions and Usage

Androgyne as a gender identity is defined as a blend of binary genders, or in between the two, although the first definition is more common. It is also associated with androgyny (although presentation does not always equal identity) and takes its name from the masculine root "andro" and feminine root "gyne". Androgynes may feel equidistant from femininity & masculinity, man & woman, male & female too. The term for genders that are partially androgyne or androgyne-related is liminal-in-nature. "Liminal" means in a transitional state or on the boundary between two things, referencing the combination of binary genders.

Related Terms

Androgyne, simultaneously being a specific identity and an umbrella term, can be used to describe many nonbinary genders that relate somewhat to the binary. Neutrois can be considered somewhat androgyne, but not maverique. Androgynes may also feel as if their gender is genderfluid or leans towards one side of the gender spectrum, creating versandrogyne, neutrandrogyne, femandrogyne, mascandrogyne, among others, like androx and ogyne. If an androgyne identifies as both male/masculine and female/feminine at once, they may also use the term bigender; however, bigender contains two distinct identities, while androgyne is more of a mixture. See this category to find all androgyne-related identities.


Many androgyne flags represent the "poles" of the binary with blue and pink, and place themselves somewhere in between the two with a purple. In housia's flag, the use of yellow communicates the nonbinary aspect of androgyne. Virizden's flag, on the other hand, explicitly encompasses all kinds of androgyne identities, including vers-, fem-, and mascandrogyne.