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Definition and Usage

Anglicatic is a gender identity that combines aspects of angels and cats. It includes individuals who deeply resonate with both angelic qualities and cats, as well as those who identify as angels with a strong connection to cats in any form.

  • Anglicatic: A gender that is related to being an angel and a cat! Or a gender that is related to being an Angel that is heavily connected to cats in any way! It can also be seen as the combination of angel related genders and cat related genders! - elevatorb0y, 2021[1]


Anglicatic was coined on December 16, 2021, by elevatorb0y on Tumblr.[1]

Related Terms

Anglicatic falls under the broader categories of xenogenders.


The flag for Anglicatic was created on December 16, 2021, by Tumblr user elevatorb0y. The colors were not given meaning.


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