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Definitions and Usage[edit | edit source]

Bigender describes having two genders, either simultaneously or in flux. Although it is often assumed to be the two binary genders, but that's not always the case. Bigender people may use the term nonbinary to describe themselves.

"Bigender" (AKA Intersex) flag by Natalia Phox.png

At one point, "bigender", like bisexual, was once used as a synonym for intersex. This flag, created by Natalie Phox, conflated the gender identity with the physical variance and as such, has been replaced.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

This term is a large umbrella describing many multigenders. However, unlike terms like androgyne, the two genders are not mixed together: they are two separate entities. Demigenders (like demiguy or demigirl) often overlap with bigender, as well as genderfluid or dualgender. Bigender individuals may use fythic or galactican labels.

Bigender is an oft-modified label: the two most common are bigenderflux and bigenderfluid, but other microlabels exist.

Flags[edit | edit source]

Most bigender flags use pink and blue to represent binary genders, while purple often represents a mix of the two (like in androgyne). Yellow often represents nonbinary genders, and white may stand for all genders, similar to how white light is actually a mix of all different colors of light.

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