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Definitions and Usage

Bigenderflux is a label describing having two genders that fluctuate in intensity. It can be simultaneously being both male and nonbinary, but the levels of each differing, both genders together fluctuating, or moving fluidly between two genders while the intensity changes as well. Oftentimes, bigender is assumed to be both binary genders, but it can include any nonbinary genders. For example, an individual may be male & neutrois, and be fluid between the two while they both move closer and farther from agender.

Related Terms

It is a portmanteau of bigender and genderflux, and under some definitions, it can be considered a version of fluidflux, and may use other labels in conjunction with bigenderflux, like demigenders, androgyne-adjacent identities, or fluid labels.


Bigenderflux flag by unknown.

The bigenderflux flag is based off of common bigender flag and the original genderflux, adding extra variants to show the fluctuation.