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Definitions and Usage

Demibinary is a term used to describe a gender identity that involves partial identification with binary genders (typically male or female) while also recognizing or identifying with other gender identities beyond the binary.

  • Demibinarity: identifying partially as binary, partly other gender(s); having partial binary gender(s). - imoga-pride, 2019[1]

Related Terms

Demibinary is related to other gender identities with similar prefixes like "demi-." According to @imoga-pride, demibinary is "similar to half-binary and deminonbinary." This indicates that it shares common elements with these gender identities, making it part of the broader category of demigenders.


Within the realm of demibinary genders, some specific identities are commonly associated with this concept:

  • Demiguy: A gender identity where someone identifies partially as male, while also acknowledging other gender(s).
  • Demigirl: A gender identity where someone identifies partially as female, while also acknowledging other gender(s).

Additionally, some other gender identities may also be considered demibinary, although they are not necessarily exclusively so. These include identities such as bxy, gxrl, genderfae, and genderfaun.


Demibinary flag (2019, imoga-pride)[1]

The flag associated with demibinary gender does not have officially listed meanings for its colors. However, it is often interpreted as follows:

  • Pink: Represents femininity or a partial connection to female gender.
  • Blue: Represents masculinity or a partial connection to male gender.
  • White: Represents nonbinary genders or a partial connection to other gender identities.
  • Gray stripes surrounding the pink and blue: These stripes are likely meant to resemble the flags of other demigenders, signifying the partial nature of the gender identity.demigenders.


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