Definitions and Usage

Demigender is a gender identity that is both an umbrella term and a distinct gender in itself. The term "demi-" in demigender signifies the concept of being "half" or partially connected to another gender or a combination of two genders. Individuals who identify as demigender often see themselves as not entirely aligned with a single gender, including binary gender categories.

Demigender individuals frequently also identify as nonbinary, as their gender identity doesn't conform to the traditional binary understanding of gender.

Related Terms

While demigender encompasses a broad spectrum of gender identities, some of the most common demigenders include:

  • Demiguy (also known as demiboy): A person who identifies as partially male or partially aligned with masculinity, alongside other gender elements.
  • Demigirl: An individual who identifies as partially female or partially connected to femininity, in combination with other gender aspects.
  • Deminonbinary: Someone who identifies as both nonbinary and partially connected to another gender or gender expression. This term signifies a unique blend of gender identities.

It's important to note that the "demi-" prefix can be applied to various gender terms to create specific demigender identities. In some cases, demigender experiences may overlap with the concept of bigender, where an individual identifies with two distinct genders.


Deminonbinary flag by transrants

The flag associated with demigender is often represented by the deminonbinary flag. This flag, featuring a distinct color palette and design, is sometimes used to symbolize the general concept of demigender. The flag serves as a visual representation of this unique gender identity.