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Definitions and Usage

The galactian system of gender alignment was made as an alternative to the -aligned system. The -aligned system was criticized because of how easy it was for one to reduce a nonbinary person to the binary gender they were aligned towards. To fix this problem, the galactian system used terms unrelated to the gender binary to convey alignment.

Because of the way their [nonbinary people's] identities intersect with the gender binary, there are times when it is useful to categorize ourselves as having overlapping experiences with either men, or women. If there is a very large amount of overlap, such as if one is exclusively perceived as a man/woman and is therefore subject to the specific social backlash that effects those classes, it can be valuable to “align” ourselves with those classes, to have meaningful discussions about how oppression functions.

...This was the intended purpose of terms such as “male aligned” and “female aligned.” To identify strong overlaps in external pressures and experiences, or to identify overlaps in personal identity with the experiences of another gender.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way.

What went wrong?

The same thing that always goes wrong when nonbinary people are being scrutinized: gender alignment language was, and is, used as a way to “prove” that nonbinary people are really male or female, and in many cases, to prove that nonbinary people are cis.

...The obvious solution, then, is to create terms that fulfill this necessary language gap, but do not offer immediate recourse to “Hah! I knew you were a man/woman/cis person all along!” for those would silence and harm us.

With that in mind, after some group discussion, we would like to present a possible solution.

-- vergess, nonbinary-sapphic, 2016[1]


The original terms (solarian, lunarian, and stellarian) were coined by several people on a discord server, including @moonbian (now deactivated) on, and they were posted to tumblr by user @vergess on @nonbinary-sapphic.[1] Later, these terms were combined to form novarian, nebularian, eclipsian, and galaxian.[2] Another term was coined later by @stellunarian on, singularian.[3] "Demi-" versions were then created for each existing term by @system-lgbt on[4] Many other terms have been coined since then, related to other alignments such as xenic. Terms in the galactian system were coined for nonbinary people to use, but complex gender alignments are not limited to nonbinary people. The name "galactian" was not given to the system by its creators, but was instead coined by Tumblr user bashana-haba-ah.[5] It is widely used by the community.


There were several charts made to explain the galactian alignment system, some are now outdated as definitions have changed.

Note this list is not all of the subterms, just the most basic ones:


An aurorian person is someone whose gender fluctuates, or is fluid, between alignments.


A boötian person is someone who is AGIN-aligned.


A lunarian person is someone who is feminine/female-aligned.


A singularian person is someone who rejects aligning their gender in any way. This term cannot be combined with any alignment, since it rejects the notion of alignment altogether.


A solarian person is someone who is masculine/male-aligned.


A spacialian person is someone who is xenine/xenogender-aligned.


A stellarian person is someone who is neutral/nonbinary-aligned. Someone who is stellarian may completely reject being related to the binary genders, but not all stellarian people do.


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