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Definitions and Usage

Oxigender is a polygender defined as “feeling mostly x gender, partially y gender, and a little bit of z gender”. Any label can fill in a variable, including other oxigenders, but usually includes some dash of binary.

  • Genders that are predmoninantly genderless (or nonbinary in the case of a few) end in Y.
  • Genders that are predmoninantly female/feminine end in E.
  • Genders that are predmoninantly male/masculine end in I.
  • Genders that are predominantly multigender end in A.
  • Genders that are predominantly xenogender end in O.

As there are nearly infinite oxigenders that could be coined, many will remain uncreated and unused.

Related Terms

Oxigender has an orientation equivalent called oxisexual. Individuals who use oxigender labels may also use terms like trigender, demigenders, or as any variation of gendercollector. They may also use the specific labels that are encompassed by the oxigender.


Oxigender flag by Tumblr user oxigenders.

The meaning(s) behind this flag are unknown.

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