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Contributions by: Rust&Stardust

Definitions and Usage

Demiandrogyne is simply defined as being partially androgyne and partially any other gender. Usually, it's another nonbinary gender like genderqueer, neutrois, or any xenogender, as androgyne has already covered binary genders.

Related Terms

Demiandrogyne falls under the demigender umbrella with terms like demigirl and demiguy. It bears similarities to the second definition of neutrandrogyne. When the other part of an individual's gender is any xenogender, or just xenic in general, one could use xendrogyne.


The demiandrogyne flag by enbysrd pulls from the demigender flags while using a horizontal version of the common androgyne flag.

The demiandrogyne flag by platonicalterousaro uses the same design as other demigender flags, with purple stripes since that's what you get when you mix pink and blue.