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Definitions and Usage

Demiwoman (also known as: demifemale, demigirl) is a gender identity that is partially, but not fully, female or feminine. A demiwoman can be both "female" and "nonbinary", or just "loosely female". Although it is a label within itself, it can be used as an umbrella term describing partially-female, partially-not genders. It can be static or fluid.

Related Terms

There are many other genders similar but more specific than demiwoman, including gxrl, nonbinary girl, genderfae, lunettian, cassgirl, among many others. A demiwoman may also use other labels to define their "other side", oftentimes aporagender. The masculine equivalent is demiguy, and it is part of the demigender group.


The pink in the flags represent the tie to feminine/female gender, while the grey tones reference the other gender feelings. The third flag, the simple pink-white-pink design, has not often been adopted due to its similarities to the sapphic flag.