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Contributions by: Maddoxofthestars

Definitions and Usage

Demiwomanflux, also called demigirlflux, is a combination of demiwoman and genderflux. This can describe a few different experiences, such as having a part-female, part-other gender in which the two genders fluctuate in percentage, or simply fluctuating between demiwoman and agender.

Related Terms

Demiwomanflux is a subset of demiflux. The masculine counterpart is demiguyflux.


The meanings behind starrbar's flag are as follows:
- The colors are slightly muted because demiwomen are never fully female.
- The almost-black represents whatever other gender (or lack thereof) one may feel along with female, since some demiwomen also ID with another gender in addition to feeling partially female.
- The gray represents agender.
- The yellow represents nonbinary.

Most other demiwomanflux flags use the demigender flag template, the demiflux flag tricolor middle stripes, and the girlflux gradient.