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Contributions by: Rust&Stardust

Definitions and Usage

Dialian is a form of genderfluidity that can be best described as different dials that control aspects of one's gender. These settings may include, but are not limited to, gender alignment (masc-aligned, fem-aligned, unaligned, xenic-aligned, etc.); gender intensity (like genderflux in nature and agender); what causes euphoria & dysphoria; and feelings towards one's gender identity (from complete indifference, to contentment with one's gender identity, to anxiety over the completeness or correctness of collected labels). A dialian individual may collect many genders to describe their ever-changing identity.

Related Terms

The coiner described dialian as "stacked" forms of genderfluidity, and compared it to fluidflux. The difference between dialian and existing terms is the complexity the former conveys, and may include terms like genderflux, genderfluid, cassflux, among others, within one label.


According to the coiner & designer, the color meanings are "pretty basic". The white first stripe is a catch-all for "other" identities (like maverique), xenic-related identities, and the infinite nature of dialian. Yellow is for unaligned genders, blue is for binary male or masc-aligned genders, and pink is for binary female or fem-aligned genders. Purple is for multigenders or genders best described by a mixture of existing ones (like androgyne, bigender, and others). Green represents neurogenders. Black, as it often does, is for agender-in-nature terms and genderless feelings. The vague light-to-dark gradient represents the genderflux spectrum that a dialian may experience.

In another interpretation by the coiner, each different color can represent a different dial.