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Definitions and Usage

Fluidflux is a combination of genderfluid (or any subsets) and genderflux (or any subsets), creating a term for when one moves between genders and the intensity of said genders. For example, fluidflux folks might feel 90% male 10% agender, and the next, 60% demigirl 40% agender. They might change their preferred pronouns or presentations to correspond with their changing gender.

Related Terms

Fluidflux people might also identify as nonbinary or agender, and use labels for where they fall on the gender spectrum like demigender. One can also have strong leans within being fluidflux, producing girlflux/femfluidflux, boyflux/mascfluidflux, and enbyfluidflux. It can also be compared to dialian.


At their core, both are a combination of the genderfluid and genderflux flags. In the flag variant, the faded bottom row represents the changing intensity of gender.