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Definitions and Usage

Genderfaer is a fluid gender that never or very rarely includes being entirely male. Genderfaer people can experience feminine, neutral/unaligned, xenic, or even masculine genders, but not binary male.

Related Terms

Genderfaer is part of the Fythic system and a subcategory of genderfae. Unlike genderfae, it doesn't exclude all male/masculine genders. It's similar to nonboy, but with more fluidity. It masculine counterpart is genderfaunet.


Created on June 6, 2019 by Tumblr user Pantasticenby.

The genderfae flag was purposefully created without blues to show a lack of masculinity. The genderfaer flag uses similar colors, but features a turquoise stripe to represent masculinity without being wholly male.