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Definitions and Usage

Gendefaun describes genderfluidity that never encompass femininity. Put another way, it's fluidity between all masculine-in-nature or masc-aligned and nonbinary genders. A genderfaun person might go between being a boy, a demiguy, aporagender, and genderqueer, for example.

Related Terms

It's similar to demiguy & bxy, but with more fluidity; it is related to mascfluidflux/fluidflux boy, but instead of leaning towards masculinity, it is completely without feminine genders; and it is the masculine counterpart to genderfae, part of the Fythic system.


Genderfaun flag by unknown.

The genderfaun flag displays both the unaligned sides and masculine-in-nature sides of the term. The greens and yellows represent aporagenders & nonbinary genders, the white stands for genderlessness (or agender identities), and the blues and purples represent masculinity.