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Definitions and Usage

Genderfeor (AKA Genderfoan or Genderfen) is fluidity solely between xenogenders. It encompasses aesthetigenders (like astergender), neurogenders (like autigender), among others. Binary genders are excluded, as well as anything relating to the typical binary spectrum, like nonbinary or androgyne. The -feor ending comes from the Old English suffix "feorran-", meaning foreign or strange.

Related Terms

Genderfeor is part of the Fythic system and a subset of genderfluid. People who use genderfeor might also use specific xenogender labels that are encompassed by their fluidity as well.


Genderfeor flag by uncommon-genders.

The meanings behind the flag are unknown, but the variance of colors may represent the plethora of xenogenders, while only having hints of typically gendered colors.