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Definitions and Usage

Genderfluid, similar to other terms, is both an umbrella term and a specific identity. It describes a shifting sense of gender along the gender spectrum: sometimes a binary gender, sometimes nonbinary, and anything in between. Genderfluid people may change their pronouns depending on what they're identifying as, or may use the same ones regardless.

Related Terms

Many genders are fluid-in-nature, including the Fythic system terms (like genderfeor and genderfaer) or some oxigender labels (like rixygender and wohmexygender). Genderflux and genderfluid combine to make fluidflux, or where a gender changes in intensity & place on the spectrum. If one feels multiple levels of fluidity, one may also use dialian.


Genderfluid flag by JJ Poole.

The pink & blue represent binary genders, with purple referring to a mix of the two, like in androgyne. The white represents the expansiveness of gender, and the black represents the absence of gender.