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Definitions and Usage

Genderflux is often described as the "level of gender intensity changes". It is similar to genderfluid, with some notable differences; instead of going between feminine, masculine, and neutral identities, it goes between one gender and agender (See a great graphic describing the difference between genderflux and genderfluid here). It's conceptualized as different percentages of gendered and agender, like 10% girl & 90% agender one day, and the next being 80% girl and 20% agender. The -flux suffix can be used for any gender, creating subtypes.

Related Terms

As previously mentioned, genderflux is often seen as a type of genderfluid. Genderflux people often describe themselves as demigender, as they are partially one identity. In addition to these, genderflux & genderfluid can be combined into fluidflux, or where ones gender both changes in intensity and type. -Flux can be combined with other terms, making boyflux & girlflux.


Genderflux flag by unknown.

Although the flag's origin is shaky, it is recognizable. The shades and small gradients represent the fluidity of one's gender, and the grey represents a lack of gender. The yellow stands for nonbinary identities.