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Definitions and Usage

Gendernull, also known as nullgender, is a gender identity characterized by a complete absence of gender. Gendernull is a term used by individuals who do not identify with any specific gender category, reflecting a sense of detachment from gender labels.

  • gendernull: a gender like gendervoid but without the void - baaphomett, 2014[1]
  • Undefinable, intangible, the uncreation of gender. Its taking everything everyone throws at you, saying male, female, pick one, pick this, pick that, and taking it in, only to expel it, poisonous crystals erupting from your skin, armor against those who don’t listen. A ‘I don’t want a label because labels don’t fit but they help shut people up sometimes, so here have a label’ gender label. A fall-back plan, a red herring to give people who can’t conceptualize the absence, void, nullification of gender. It is, and is not. All and none. Nonexistent but present. - Pride-Flags, 2015[2]


Gendernull was originally coined by Tumblr user baaphomett in 2014.[1] The term later gained traction in 2015 and the definition was expanded to the current one.[2]

Related Terms

Agender refers to individuals who do not identify with any specific gender. Neutrois is a neutral or "null" gender, but it may not imply a complete absence of gender, unlike gendernull. Gendervoid is defined as an absence of gender or a "void" where gender would typically be found.


The meaning(s) behind this flag is unknown.


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