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Definitions and Usage

Girlflux, also called womanflux, is a female gender that fluctuates in intensity, or a gender that fluctuates from female to agender. It is not exclusively feminine, and can encompass masculine and nonbinary identities


Girlflux was coined by kitsunehay in 2015.

Related Terms

Girlflux is a subcategory of genderflux and the counterpart to boyflux and enbyflux. It is the specifically-fluid version of gxrl. Combined with genderfluid, it makes femfluidflux.


For the original/alternate flag, the three large stripes of pink represent varying levels of femininity, and the five stripes go as follows: blue represents male and masculine genders, purple stands for genders between male and female, the green is for genders outside of the binary, and the white for the lack of gender, agenderness or similar identities, and grey for unknown or unnamed genders.

For the second flag, the varying colors of pink/red represent the fluctuating intensity of the female identity and the tan stripe in the middle represents agender, or a lack of gender.