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Contributions by: Rust&Stardust

Definitions and Usage

Juparian is described as a nonbinary gender connected to soft, masculine, celestial energy. It is never hypermasculine or even masculine-in-nature: it is merely influenced by that otherworldly energy. The connection to masculine may also fluctuate, like genderflux. It was in both the original Celestial Alignment System and in the rework. It is one of the "primary" terms within that system, or having a singular gendered influence. Juparian gets its name from the planet Jupiter (and the God it was named after), s

Related Terms

It is one of many space-related genders, like asterboy. When combined with other terms within the Celestial Alignment System, including lunettian, plutoian, and mercurian, it can create new terms, like sonnian or terrarean.


The original flag resembles the genderfaun flag, whether the creator planned this or not. The further meanings are lost to time however. In the newer design, the colors are directly pulled from the planet Jupiter.