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Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, and Intersex

Welcome to the MOGAI Wiki!

What's MOGAI? MOGAI is an acronym that stands for Marginalized Orientations Gender identities And Intersex. It is a synonym for LGBT+ or LGBTQ, and includes anyone who is not simultaneously heterosexual, heteroromantic, cisgender, and perisex. The acronym was created to avoid listing out all of the identities that fall under it. In certain circles, it is used to mean LGBT+ people who are not lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, but that is not the definition we use.

2,271 Genders, 132 Orientations, started Sep 10th, 2020
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About us! This wiki was made to catalog and organize MOGAI identities. Our goal is to provide an easier way to find the definitions, flags, and creators for niche identities which otherwise may be difficult to find. Check out the discover section below to start diving in and learn more about the wiki. Hope you enjoy!

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It's very easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of pages on this wiki, so here are some links to make your first introduction to MOGAI terms easier :) Click on one of the flags to go to its respective page. Each one is a common or semi-common identity which you might have heard of before.