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Definitions and Usage

Nonbinary, also known as "NB" and "enby," is both an umbrella term for various gender identities and a specific identity itself. It describes individuals whose gender experiences do not solely align with the traditional categories of male/man/boy or female/woman/girl. Nonbinary individuals may embody a blend of both genders, neither, or experience a dynamic range in their gender identity over time. This identity transcends the conventional binary gender framework, allowing for a more fluid understanding and expression of gender. Importantly, nonbinary identities are not a modern phenomenon but have historical precedents in many cultures worldwide, reflecting diverse understandings of gender.


The concept of more than two genders can be traced back through various historical and cultural contexts. Many Indigenous cultures around the world recognize third, fourth, or even more gender roles, each with its unique name and set of roles in society.[1]

The term "non-binary" has no specific creator, and instead seems to have been popularized by various transgender authors around the year 2000.[2]

Related Terms

While nonbinary is an inclusive term, it's important to note that not every individual who identifies outside the traditional gender binary uses this specific term. Some common nonbinary genders include genderfluid, agender, maverique, aporagender, genderqueer, neutrois, and various xenogenders.


The nonbinary flag, known for its distinct yellow, white, purple, and black stripes, was designed by Kye Rowan in 2014 to represent the diversity within nonbinary communities. Each color holds a specific meaning: yellow for genders outside the binary, white for multigender people, purple for the mixture of male and female, and black for agender individuals.[1]

On June 6, 2018, a redesigned version of this flag was proposed by Tumblr user theultravs. According to v, this alternative design balances the colors more effectively by reordering them from "dark, light, medium, light," adjusting color saturations, and replacing yellow with orange. The flag still retains the same meanings and number of stripes. More details can be found in v's post on the subject.


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