Nonbinary Man

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Contributions by: Rust&Stardust

Definitions and Usage

A nonbinary man (also known as: nonbinary boy, nonbinary guy) is a nonbinary gender with some connection to masculinity, masculine presentation, or otherwise preferring to label as both nonbinary and a binary gender. This may be a preference towards masculine pronouns or appearance, one's AGAB influencing their gender, or feeling somewhat in between binary male and nonbinary.

Related Terms

"nonbinary man" is a vague term, with many more specific labels beneath it. Demiguy has much overlap, but while it can be any other gender, not just nonbinary ones. bxy, noxigender, cosmicboy, cassboy, among many other somewhat-masculine-in-nature, somewhat-neutral-in-nature genders also could be considered subsets. The feminine equivalent is nonbinary girl.


In the original nonbinary man flag, the green is used as a combination of blue (often associated with masculinity) and yellow (often associated with nonbinary identities). It resembles many demigender flags, and in an effort to differentiate the label from similar ones like demiguy, other flags were created. Both of the newer ones have similar color meanings: blue, green, and yellow tones use the meanings stated above. The white stripes probably represent agender, as well as the black one.