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Definitions and Usage

Pangender is defined as encompassing many or all genders. Some use the label to describe the entirety of the "gender spectrum"; some use it as a stand-in for listing all of their genders; some use it with xenogenders in mind, as well. They may experience these genders equally or unequally, have leans towards particular alignments, or be fluid between them. New terms, maxigender and conpulgender, were coined to explicitly state that specific cultural genders (boi or Two Spirit, for example) do not count as "all genders". However, pangender never specified whether ethnic genders were included within the label, so many still use the term, understanding that "all" does not truly mean "all".

Related Terms

Micro-pangender is used to describe pangenders specific to certain categories. For example, pancaeleste is for all space-related terms; löngunpangender is a subset of collection genders, describing a craving for more labels to define their experience; infinigender specifies literally all genders that are "available", not "many" or "most". Pangender folks may use different modifiers for their labels, like -fluid (panfluid) and -flux (panflux), or within categories of gender: only feminine, xenine, or neutral genders. Some pangender individuals include agender within the label, creating a sense of paradox (see pxngender).


The pangender flag was made to resemble the agender one, as they are two sides of the same coin: all and none. The white is used to represent all colors (and all genders, by proxy), similar to how white light is a blend of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The other tones are for other associated genders, not specifically feminine ones.

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