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Definitions and Usage

Polygender, also known as poly-gender or polygendered, is a nonbinary gender identity in which a person experiences multiple genders simultaneously. These genders can be a combination of different ones and can be experienced in various ways. Some individuals may refer to polygender as specifically involving more than three genders, with three genders being trigender, and two genders being bigender.

  • POLYGENDERED - exhibiting characteristics of multiple genders, deliberately refuting the concept of only two genders. - Gary Bowen, 1995[1]
  • "Polygender individuals are transgender, which means they don't conform to the typical characteristics, behaviors, or self-expression associated with their assigned gender at birth. In the transgender community, there are various identities, including transsexuals (who undergo sex-change operations), non-op transsexuals (who go through all the steps of a sex-change except for genital surgery), drag kings and queens (who dress as the opposite gender for performances), and transvestites (who do so regularly). Additionally, there are less well-known transgender identities like bi-gendered, non-gendered, or third-gendered individuals. These individuals may feel they belong to multiple genders, have no gender at all, or identify as a gender outside the traditional binary of male and female." - Danica Nuccitelli, 1998[2]


The term "polygender" was first described in 1995, emphasizing the existence of multiple genders and challenging the binary concept of only two genders.[1] By 1998, the term gained recognition within the transgender community, particularly on the internet platform Sphere, where it was used as an umbrella term to encompass transgender individuals whose gender identities extended beyond the binary.[2] In the same article, the term "queergendered" was used interchangeably with "polygendered" as overarching terms for individuals who identify outside the gender binary in various ways. This appears to have been an early version of the now widely recognized term "genderqueer."

Related Terms

Polygender is similar to multigender.


Polygender flag, creator unknown.

The meaning(s) behind this flag is unknown.


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