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Contributions by: Rust&Stardust

Definitions and Usage

Sonnian is defined as being either in-between, simultaneously, or fluid between saturnian and plutoian. It is not inherently masculine-in-nature or agender-in-nature: it is primarily made of celestial, soft energy. It may also fluctuate, or considered as demi-saturnian.

Related Terms

Sonnian is a "secondary" label within the Celestial Alignment System, along with terms like ouranian, ceresian, or neptunian. When combined with "primary" labels within the same system, new terms are created, like marsean. It falls under the space-related and demigender umbrellas, and is similar to b☆y, cosmicboy, asterboy, or otherwise xenic labels with some connection to masculinity.


Sonnian flag by system-lgbt.

Sonnian refers to Earth's own sun and its place on the star spectrum. It's what considered a "main sequence yellow dwarf", and the colors of the flag pull from that classification.